#This is me, English

Hello World! #This is me

This will try to be a quick introduction, and the reason, or even mission of me writing on these virtual pages.

First, I hope you noticed the little coding pun. Due to the lack of a decent user interface in one of my work tools, i learned to use python, and understand a bit of coding. I probably know one grain of sand out of the universe that is this skill, but anyway, i found this analogy kind of perfect.

A piece of coding may start with the phrase “Hello World!” which is  “used to illustrate the basic syntax of a programming language for a working program.[1] It is often the very first program people write when they are new to a language”. On a script you are also able to make side notes, like those on the margin of a book. These little notes are there for your eyes only, and the system wont execute them. To tell the system not to read that order, you just put a little “#”. This, nowadays very trendy symbol, its what separated the code from your notes.

So… Hello World! #This is me.

What drove me to want to write a blog? …When there are already so many of them out there! The simplest of answers is that I just have so many ideas floating in my head, restless, bouncing back and forth and making me struggle to fall asleep, that if i don’t put them down in these pages, i might just explode! Hence the name of this blog: word catharsis.

A lot of this ideas might be rubbish, but some may just be brilliant! We will see!

If you are reading this, and what comes next, and you enjoy it, then fantastic! I will strive to write well, and keep it interesting for your enjoyment. Now, if you are not out there, and I am talking to myself, then the same message applies: I will strive to write well and keep it interesting for my own enjoyment. ##Stop talking to yourself you crazy woman!

Happy reading!